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Transforming European Women's Entrepreneurship: The Education and Training for Success Programme

Our Motivation

women entrepreneurs One major research focus in Educational and Psychological Research and in Entrepreneurial and Leadership Studies in the past decade has been on obtaining a better understanding of how to help entrepreneurs develop in order to achieve a level of high performance and entrepreneurial success. Our motivation is to advance the possibilities of young women to become successful and fulfilled entrepreneurs.

What do we want to achieve?

We want to increase the number of female entrepreneurs and their performance potential by innovating the entrepreneurship education through combining competence, identity and edutainment approaches in order to contribute to social and economic development.

Background to the project


he EU Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan recognises entrepreneurship and self-employment as key for achieving economic growth and for job creation. However, the TEA rates for females in the business-driven economies of Europe are, with 5% of the adult population, much lower than, for example, in the developing regions of Asia (13%) or in the United States (10%). The Total early-stage Entrepreneurial Activity Rate (TEA) is a key indicator of the level of new enterprise creation. Germany and Ireland, for example, belong to those countries in the innovation-driven economies of Europe with relatively low TEA Rates (Germany: 4%; Ireland 4%). The under-representation of early stage women entrepreneurs in the business-driven economies of Europe is a complex phenomenon that can be explained by various factors such as socio-cultural, economic and educational factors.


o support women entrepreneurship there is a need for increasing the number of women entrepreneurs and for raising the performance and growth potential. Training and education play an important role in this regard. Relatively little research has been conducted to assess the impact of entrepreneurial education and training programmes on performance and growth potential. Training programmes today mainly address entrepreneurial behaviours. However, an understanding of the fundamental capacities is critical in the face of the varying challenges and contexts confronting young women entrepreneurs.


t is the aim of this project to get a better understanding of the fundamental entrepreneurial capacities of early stage women entrepreneurs and to develop an educational and training programme that enables early stage women entrepreneurs in Germany and Ireland to develop the fundamental capacities to facilitate their entrepreneurial success. We believe we can significantly contribute to the EU Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan, with the proposed activities strengthening the sharing of knowledge in Europe.

Step by Step

women entrepreneurs

To realize our goals, the project will undergo three main phases. First we are going to set up a survey to indicate different capacity gaps for our target group of early stage women entrepreneurs. Then we will design the education and training programme, that enables early stage women entrepreneurs to develop entrepreneurial competences and that increases their entrepreneurial success. This programme will be evaluated in the last phase. These three phases are strongly related to our different work packages.