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Associated Partners

Associated Partners

Enterprise Ireland

Enterprise Ireland Enterprise Ireland is a government organization supporting Irish companies to achieve global success, working in partnership with Irish enterprises helping them to start, grow and innovate.

Enterprise Ireland is our associated partner in Ireland. They kindly provide support for the purpose to conduct a survey located in Ireland. With their networks and expertise they will help us to recruit the sample of women entrepreneurs in Ireland.

Verband deutscher Unternehmerinnen

VDU The VdU is our associated partner in Germany. With their strong networks they will help us to recruit the sample in Germany.

VdU organises approximately 1.600 women entrepreneurs in 16 state associations. The women entrepreneurs generate together an annual turnover about 85 billion Euro and engage more than 500.000 employees in Germany. For more than 60 years VdU is distinguished by an active network as well as a strong representation of interests in economy, politics and society.

fGf Arbeitskreis Women Entrepreneurship

Enterprise Ireland The working group is an association of FGF members who are connected through their common interest in the topic ofWomen Entreperneurship.