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Within the Project the women entrepreneurs team organizes workshops every year. In these workshops the general progress, the outcomes and further strategies are being discussed. These workshops are complemented by summer schools to support the career development of the project members.

WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS women entrepreneurs team at Uni Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia

Workshop II

The second workshop and summer school of the project took place from March 28 to April 01, 2016 in the Universidad del Norte, Barranquilla, Colombia. After closing the survey the project team discussed the further activities and planed the analysis. After three days of intense discussions the early stage researcher of the project were attending a summer school. In the summer school different topics regarding the further activities were presented by experts from the U.S and Colombia.

Next to a creative workshop in design and solution based thinking methods at the first day, the newest approaches and tools in blended learning and possibilities of creating significant learning experiences were discussed in the summer school. The presentations will be found soon in our download area.

Kick-off and Workshop I

The women entrepreneurs projects kick-off took place from March 23 to March 25, 2015 followed by the first four-day-workshop from March 26 to March 29, 2015. This first meeting took place at the Universidad del Desarrollo (UDD) in Santiago de Chile. At the kick-off session the consortium defined their common core values and their vision regarding this project for a successful start. The meeting facilitated the possibility for the consortium to get to know each other and get ready to work on work package two.

Regarding the first work package, at the following workshop different statistical approaches have been discussed. As the team is very interdisciplinary, invited experts gave an introduction to the field of Structural Equation Modelling and Qualitative Comparative Analyses. Next to this staff members from UDD presented different topics like longitudinal research designs and control groups as well as general information about research on women entrepreneurs. The presentations can be found in our Download Area.

UDD women entrepreneurs team at UDD, Satiago, Chile